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Understand your customers and market, without the fear of failure

Product flop

A staggering 85% of newly launched products fail within the first 3 months beacuse of companies' wrong assumptions.

Untested products

Nearly 40% of companies don't use product testing or they do so only at the end of product development, which results in a negative marketing response.

Biased results

Because of constant pressure for innovation companies don’t talk to their end customers and get biased results internally.

Simplified testing

Userux is a platform that simplifies and digitalises the product testing process by using the power of AI.

Reliability of acquired insights

Don't worry about getting biased results and get reliable insights with the help of our verified testers.

Validated products

Products are tested with relevant testers and the most suitable methodologies to guarantee you the best possible outcome on the market.

Design products that deliver


Physical product testing

Test your physical concepts and packaging before, after and in between development stages. Get the most relevant feedback from the market and adjust your product before it hits the market.



Digital product testing

Don’t overlook your digital presence! Optimise your design and messaging of marketing materials, webpages, newsletters and advertising. Stand out of the crowd and get higher visibility and recall.


Get your reliable insights fast

Intuitive and easy to use



Register in a few simple steps and choose your pricing plan.


Test selection

Select which products would you like to test - physical or digital.


Target market

Choose your target markets and identify your potential future customers.


Automated reports

Userux will automatically select the optimal tester group and generate valuable reports.

Be part of something great!

Do you have the right personality to become a Userux tester?

Userux testers are curious individuals who want to test ideas and concepts before they hit the market.

Eloquent and highly communicative, they know how to express their opinion and experience.

Always eager to learn, they are willing to discover new testing methodologies and grow as testers.

Test, Learn and Earn with Userux!

Earn money which is available to you in a matter of hours and can be withdrawn anytime.

Grow as a tester along the process, unlock personal achievements and get rewarded for your efforts.

Become a MVT (Most Valuable Tester) and get special bonuses.

Become part of our team as an investor!

Stay on top of innovation and get to know your customers' real demands and preferences.

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